Butcher, Baker, candlestick maker – that pretty much descirbes my life.

I’ve been and done so many different things since I started working at the age of 17, most of them just to survive, I can’t remember them all – but I can tell you that at one point I acutally was a BAKER!

Now call me crazy, but I also used to work in a bank and I left that career behind me. The steady income and job security was nice but it was killing me – both physically, mentally, emotionally (PME). I needed to do something creative and so in 2014 I left the bank to go into the film industry and immediately the PME improved.

I apprenticed with the Director’s Guild of Canada (Ontario), studied film at Ryerson (was nominated for Film Production Award) and have worked in the following roles:
– Locations Support
– Production Assistant
– Assistant Location Manager
– Locations Manager
– Professional Driver, with IATSE 873 (permit)

I have also, produced, directed, filmed, editied, etc. my own films which allows me to interact withe every other department in the industry – I know what they do and what they have to go through on a day to day basis.

My biggest personal award was winning a Platinum Award for ‘Best Use of Music’ in my film called, “Welcome to ‘The Club’” It was a documentary about the final stages of life and how the body shuts down when it dies. In this case, the person dying was my mother and she would have been over the moon with the award as she was a composer. Nothing beats or will beat that award ever.

My current focus (ha, no pun intended) in film is to support people as much as possible in the film business by driving and trying to make their life easier.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!