Film Work

Cat Can’t Come – 2014

The Cocksure Lads – 2014

What Doesn’t Kill You – 2014

Hailstorm – 2104

Life on Juniper – 2014

Resident Trailers, Candian Film Center – 2013

The Witness – 2013

Welcome to ‘The Club’ – 2012

My Life as a Dountut – 2012

The Evil Shopping Cart – 2012


The Golden Ass – Comedy

Don’t Go Looking for Death – Black Comedy

Eyes Eyes Eyes – WWI Suspense



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


First Aid, WHMIS, Fall Arrest, Elevated Platform Operator

Film Studies Certificate .- The Chang School at Ryerson University, Toronto

Digital Media Design Diploma – International Academy of Design & Technology, Toronto

PC Hardware Specialist Certificate – DeVry Institute of Technology

Business Certificate – Seneca College

Baking Techniques – George Brown College, Toronto


 J Edward Cook was born in Toronto, Ontario and spent most of his early childhood there.

He then spent most of his summers at a boys camp in North Central Ontario being outdoors and living in tents and becoming used to living a rugged outdoor lifestyle.

He was sent to Trinity College School in Port Hope for stability purposes instead of having to constantly move around from place to place.

Withdrawing from shool, he then looked after to aging and ill parents and bypassed a University Education until later in life. During this this time he aquired his College Diplomas and Certificates.

After the passing of his parents he returned to University and achieved his Film Studies Certificate in 2012.

He has produced and directed three award-winning films and has one Screenplay award.

He continues to work on topics or things that are of interest to him.

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