Hi! Welcome to my film site.

My name is J Edward Cook just in case the name at the top of the page didn’t give it away!

Most people just call me John and I have been in the film industry since 2014 doing various roles.

For those of you who have worked with me in the industry, we’ve probably met when I was an Assistant Director with the Director’s Guild Of Canada, Ontario (GAP Program), Locations Managing (Canadian Film Centre Shoots), Locations Support and most recently as an IATSE 873 Transport Driver (Permit).

I have won several film awards and at least one honourable mention for my own filmmaking efforts.

Filmmaking, can be hard work.

It can be extremely long hours in all kinds of weather, rain, snow, -30 Degree Winters, +30 Degree Summer Heat & Humidity under a glaring sun. Missing birthdays, anniversaries and not really having a social life when doing a gig or making my own films.

So why do I do it? There’s just one reason – I LOVE IT.